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Temporary Residences (Hotels/Motels)

Temporary residences like hotels and motels provide residents and visitors with a safe place to stay overnight. Schenectady County regulates and permits temporary residences within the County in accordance with New York Codes, Rules, and Regulations, Part 7.

photo of hotel hallway.

What is a Temporary Residence? 

A temporary residence is land and any hotel, motel, cabin colony, building, camping unit, or other structures including worker housing that may be related to its use, maintained primarily for overnight occupancy by people who are provided use of the facilities. 

What does the code say? 

New York State Public Health Law has codes, rules, and regulations in place to ensure temporary residences like hotels and motels are safe and sanitary. 

Permit Required 

Health Inspections

Water and Sewer 

Public Health Hazards

Food Safety and Storage

Clean and Sanitary 

Need a Permit? 

You can apply online or call Schenectady County Public Health Services Environmental Health Division.

     → Apply Online                  → 518-386-2818