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Mobile Home Park

Mobile home parks in New York State are regulated by rules and codes that prioritize health and safety.

In Schenectady County, mobile home parks are permitted and regulated in compliance with Part 17 of New York State's Codes, Rules, and Regulations.

What is a mobile home park? 

This land is managed by an operator for mobile homes and/or manufactured homes, as well as any buildings or other structures related to their use. The property may be occupied by individuals for residential purposes (excluding recreation, traveling, or vacationing), and the necessary facilities and services are provided for their use.

What does the code say? 

Notice of Construction

Permit Required 

Fire Safety


Stands & Anchoring

Site Supervision

Need a Permit? 

You can apply online or call Schenectady County Public Health Services Environmental Health Division.

     → Apply Online                  → 518-386-2818