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Public Defender

Representing Indigent Individuals

The Public Defender’s Office represents indigent individuals in Criminal Court, Family Court, and County Court proceedings.

Legal Service Components

In compliance with federal and state constitutions, the Schenectady County Public Defender’s Office is a legal service component of Schenectady County Government which:

  • provides quality legal representation to its clients;
  • advocates for the protection of the constitutional rights of its clients;
  • contributes to the efficient and effective operation of the criminal justice system in Schenectady County;
  • where appropriate, advocates and works toward achieving results that have the greatest likelihood to help rehabilitate clients; and,
  • creates a work environment that supports the empowerment and teamwork of its employees.

Request For Assigned Counsel - Family Court

The Assigned Counsel Program provides quality legal representation to individuals who are financially unable to obtain their own counsel for Family Court and are entitled to have counsel assigned to represent them on appeal. Please complete the online application below  to determine eligibility for assignment of counsel.

Application to Request Family Court Assigned Counsel

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