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imagine of a male kayaker in a blue kayak and life vest paddling the Mohawk River in Niskayuna followed by a female kayaker in a pink kayak and life vest.  The Pedal Paddle Run Logo is situated in the top right corner.

Get set and go on the ultimate outdoor fitness experience.  Enjoy the excitement of a unique triathlon event that pushes your limits and embraces the thrill of three exhilarating disciplines- kayaking, cycling, and running! 

Begin the race with an exhilarating 7-mile cycling ride along Aqueduct Road, tracing the original Erie Canal's historic path. Then, paddle through the Mohawk River on a 2-mile stretch of the historic waterway and finish the trek on the Mohawk-Hudson Bike Trail with a 5K run to the finish line. Race on your own or as a team...

2024 Pedal Paddle Run

Aqueduct Park, Niskayuna, NY
Saturday, May 11, 2024
Start Time at 8AM

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Photo Galleries


Men's Division


  1. Greg Lesher - 1:01:57
  2. James Allott - 1:06:54
  3. Brian Stitt - 1:10:25
Women's Division


  1. Ann Flower Stitt - 1:19:29
  2. Nicola Macneil - 1:21:23
  3. Valerie Bradley - 1:26:26
Team Division


  1. Tricons - 58:46
  2. Canavan Crew - 1:08:56
  3. Back Barn Brunch - 1:12:24