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Mass Gatherings

Schenectady County is home to many fun and exciting community festivals and events. Schenectady County's location, waterfront, bustling downtowns, main streets, hotels, and restaurants create a unique backdrop for festivals and special events. 

Large-scale mass gatherings require extra attention to ensure public health and safety. Schenectady County regulates and permits these events in accordance with New York State Codes, Rules, and Regulations, Part 7.

What is a Mass Gathering?

A mass gathering is an event likely to attract at least 5,000 people and last for at least 24 hours. 

What does the code say? 

New York State has guidelines and regulations in place to manage mass gatherings, especially when it comes to public health and safety. 

Permit Required 

Health & Safety Measures

Emergency Plans

Sanitation & Garbage Removal

Traffic & Crowd Control

Security & Public Safety

Need a Mass Gathering Permit? 

Call the Office of Environmental Health to discuss.

→ 518-386-2818