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Veterans Peer to Peer Network

The Schenectady County Veterans Peer-to-Peer Support Program strives to bring together veterans and ensure that no one is left behind.

Engage & Determine Mission
About the Program
What is the Dwyer Project?

Engage & Determine the Mission

Together as Veterans, we can make a profound difference in each other’s lives. Let’s rally together, extending a helping hand to those who have served with us, before and after us.

Be part of the planning process and shape the mission and operational plan of the Schenectady County Veterans Peer to Peer Support Program. Connect with other Veterans who have walked a similar path of duty and service, share your stories, build a strong sense of community, and identify common needs among other Veterans in your community.

Whether you're a recent veteran or have been out of service for years, your skills, knowledge, and experiences are invaluable. Come to an upcoming meet-up with other Veterans.

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About the Program

The Schenectady County Veterans Peer to Peer Program (SCVP2P for short) is the local branch of the PFC Joseph Dwyer program. We are working to provide peer support to our veteran community as well as partnering with other local organizations and programs to meet vets where they are. We currently offer monthly meetings and planned activities but are actively looking to establish support groups to meet the individual needs of vets and their families. Beyond those services, we are actively looking for peer mentors to work with vets who could benefit from their support and guidance. While we don’t provide any direct support regarding VA benefits or claims we’re more than happy to both match individuals with needed resources and lend an ear to the struggles all of us face during the process.

  • Connect with other Veterans from all branches of service
  • Create a sense of community
  • Rebuild the sense of camaraderie
  • Help Veterans transition from military to civilian life
  • Support Veterans working through the challenges of the past
  • Will Support regardless of discharge status

Contact the Veterans Peer to Peer Network Coordinator

Jesse Aragona




What is the PFC Joseph Dwyer Project?

PFC Joseph Dwyer was famously photographed carrying an injured Iraqi boy to safety during his service. PFC Dwyer gained notable recognition as a "hero" of the Iraqi war.

In 2012, The Joseph Dwyer Veterans Peer Support Project was launched in Suffolk County. It aims to help soldiers in transition and civilian life in memory of PFC Dwyer.

Since then, many NYS counties have created their own veteran peer to peer support program.


Veterans Resources

24/7, confidential crisis support for veterans and your loved ones.

Personalized help with applying for your VA benefits.

Highly experienced healthcare teams guided by the needs of Veterans.

VA Resource Page                                        

Military One Source     

DAV Resource Page                                       

NYS Department of Labor Veterans Services   

USA Jobs      

America’s Vet Dogs                                                                      

National Military Family Association                               

Military Supportive Colleges                                                  

SCCC Veterans Resource Office 
(518) 381-1200                    

Veterans & Community Housing Coalition 
(518) 885-0091      


The Schenectady County Veterans Peer to Peer Network is a PFC Joseph Dwyer, NYS Funded Program administered by the Schenectady County Public Health Service's Office of Community Services.