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Tuberculosis Control Program

Tuberculosis (TB) can affect anyone. TB is caused by bacteria that can infect the lungs or other organs of the body. Schenectady County Public Health Services is committed to the prevention, reduction, and control of Tuberculosis. The Community Health Division's TB Control Program includes a clinic for community members with possible TB infection; case management for latent and active TB; and support and education for medical providers. 

What is Tuberculosis? 

Tuberculosis, also known as TB, is caused by bacteria that can infect the lungs or other organs of the body.  There are two main forms of Tuberculosis.

Latent Tuberculosis

Latent Tuberculosis is caused by bacteria that can live in your body without making you sick. People with latent TB are not infectious and cannot give TB to other people. However, they are at risk of developing active TB in the future.

Active Tuberculosis

Active Tuberculosis disease occurs when the bacteria multiply and cause symptoms. Symptoms of active TB include persistent cough, chest pain, coughing up blood, fatigue, weight loss, fever, and night sweats. Symptoms can be mild initially and worsen over time. 

You may be at higher risk if you recently immigrated from or travel often to a region with a high rate of TB; live or used to live in large group settings (homeless shelter, prison, or jail), have spent time with someone with active (infectious) TB disease; have a weakened immune system; or work in a setting where there is an increased risk of transmission (hospital, nursing home, correctional facility, or homeless shelter).  


CDC Questions & Answers | Tuberculosis

Latent TB Clinic

5 Things to Know About TB
5 Things to Know About TB

The Schenectady County Community Health Latent TB Clinic is for community members who might be at risk for tuberculosis (TB) infection. Our specialized clinic staffed with experts in TB diagnosis and care ensures the safety of both patients and the community by following proper infection control measures. We provide case management for latent and active cases and provider support on LTBI/TB treatment. Please call for more information. 

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Are you a medical provider? The Schenectady County Public Health Services Community Health Division is committed to providing Schenectady County medical providers with the most up-to-date clinical recommendations for your LTBI and TB patients and additional support services.

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