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Online Food Safety Training

roasted pork with a chef checking the internal temperatureFood Safety Training Now Online!

Food Service Permits are essential to ensuring food safety and preventing foodborne illnesses. All food services, including temporary volunteer vendors selling food at community events must have a food permit.  To obtain a permit, food services are required to have at least 1 Certified Food Manager. Schenectady County offers a training course that complies with current County and New York State Regulations. However, be aware that New York State plans to adopt the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Model Food Code in the future, and at that time, all food services will be required to obtain a valid certificate from an ANAB-CFP accredited provider.


Who is required to take Food Safety Training Before Receiving a Food Service Health Permit?

All staff working in food service are highly encouraged to be educated in food safety! It is required per Schenectady County Sanitary Code Part 125.02 that at least one person from each food service establishment possess an approved, valid food safety training certificate. A copy of the certificate must be submitted with an initial food service permit application and yearly with renewal applications.

Start Schenectady County's Training Today!

The training is a three-part training presented over the course of three videos.  Watch each video and contact the Division of Environmental Health to schedule your exam and obtain your certification. 


Food Workers Training Course Video 1
Food Workers Training Course Video 1
This video features an introduction, testimonial video of foodborne illness, and a practice quiz to test your food safety knowledge.
Food Worker's Training Course | Video 2
Food Worker's Training Course | Video 2
This video provides an overview of foodborne illness and causes, important numbers and definitions, and category 1 public health hazards.
Food Worker's Training Course | Video 3
Food Worker's Training Course | Video 3
This video overviews other public health hazards and violations, maintenance and sanitation violations, and a conclusion.
Do You Need a Food Safety Certificate?

Schenectady County requires all food services to have at least 1 Certified Food Safety Worker in order to obtain a permit.  Complete the free online training and schedule your Food Worker Certification Exam. Schedule Your Exam Online Today!

Food Safety Training Certification Exams are proctored by the Environmental Health Division and hosted in person.  You can register for your exam online using Schenectady County's Citizen Portal.

  1. Create a secure online account for Schenectady County or login into an existing account.
  2. Click Requests at the top of the page.
  3. Select Food Worker's Certification Exam Registration Form. 
  4. Complete the form, pay the $75.00 exam fee, and pass the exam.


Need Help Studying? 

Check out our study guides for proper temperatures and important food safety numbers.