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Record Alert

Schenectady County Clerk Announces New Record Alert System

Hosting 3 Information Sessions for Residents

“Property and mortgage fraud are some of the fastest white-collar crimes in the US. This free service can protect County residents from the very real threat of deed fraud and the predatory businesses seeking to profit on this fear.”                                                                                                                                             

Cara M. Ackerley, County Clerk


The Schenectady County Clerk’s Office just launched a new Record Alert System, which allows residents to sign up to receive alerts in the event a document is recorded at the County Clerk’s office under their name. Individuals can sign up to receive alerts for up to 5 names (personal or business) per email address and phone number.

In accordance with the NYS Real Property Law section 291, the County Clerk’s Office is required to record any document that is presented, so long as it is proper in form, executed, and payment is received with the document. There is no way for the Clerk’s Office to know if a document is fraudulent or not. Monitoring the recording of documents in your name can help alert you to something that is fraudulent.

Information Sessions

Residents who would like more information about the new Record Alert system can visit or attend a free information session. County Clerk Cara Ackerley will discuss how deed fraud occurs, what is at stake, and how using the free record alert system can help protect your property records at each session. Members of the community can also sign-up for Record Alerts at the information sessions – staff will be available to assist.


Wednesday, April 13, 2022 at 6pm

Hon. Karen B. Johnson (Central) Library – McChesney Room

99 Clinton Street


Wednesday, April 20, 2022 at 5:30pm

Rotterdam Branch Library

1100 N. Westcott Road


Monday, April 25, 2022 at 5:30pm

Niskayuna Branch Library

2400 Nott Street E.

Sign Up for Record Alert

To enroll in Schenectady County Record Alert, or to unsubscribe, please click here.

Record Alert FAQ
  1. How does a fraudulent document get recorded?
    The County Clerk is required to record all documents presented that are correct in form, fully executed, and paid for.  The Clerk’s Office has no way to determine whether or not a document is fraudulent.

  2. How does Record Alert work?
    The LANDEX Record Alert System monitors all verified documents recorded in the Schenectady County Clerk’s Office comparing the exact spelling of all names indexed on all documents and the names entered by Record Alert members.

  3. Why do I need to monitor these records?
    There are two reasons to monitor records recorded in the Schenectady County Clerk’s Office:
    • To ensure that when you purchase a property or take out or satisfy a mortgage (for example) that those documents are properly recorded in your name so that you are the legal and rightful owner on record.
    • To ensure that no fraudulent document has been filed taking possession of property without your knowledge or consent.
  4. How should names be entered?
    Names should be entered EXACTLY as you would have legal papers drawn up:
    • John Doe
    • John A Doe
    • John Anthony Doe
  5. What if my name includes a suffix?
    The suffix (Sr, Jr, III, IV etc.) gets added after the first name in the first name field:
    Ex:  Last name: Doe     First Name:  John Anthony Sr

  6. Do I include punctuation when enrolling?
    No punctuation is required.

  7. How many names can I register?
    A limit of 5 names; personal and/or business, can be entered per email address and phone number.  If more than five names; personal and/or business are needed, use a different email address or phone number.

  8. What if I have a common name?
    If the name(s) entered are common within the County, you may very well be notified of documents being recorded in “your” name that are not associated with yourself.

  9. What if my name changes?
    If the same email or phone number is used that was previously used to register names, only the 5 names entered in the most recent submission will be monitored. 

  10. What if my email address or phone number change? 
    Simply register the 5 names you would like to be monitored under the new phone number.

  11. How will I be notified?
    You will chose to be notified by email or by text message at the time of enrollment.

  12. What should I do when I receive an alert? 
    The Alert will give you information regarding the recorded document. If this information is familiar to you, you need to do nothing. If you feel the information is not business you conducted, please go to where you can do a free search of the name or instrument number that was given to you in the Alert.

    If you feel you have been a victim of the recording of a fraudulent document, please contact law enforcement and/or Schenectady County Clerk's Office at 518-388-4220.

  13. Who do I contact with questions?
    Any questions regarding a recorded document can be directed to the Schenectady County Clerk’s Office.

  14. How do I cancel this service?
    You can unsubscribe from this service by clicking the enrollment link and selecting “Unsubscribe”.