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Filing and Recording Fees

Assumed Name (DBA)  
File $25.00
Certified Copy $5.00
Form   $1.00
Discontinue   No Fee
Agricultural Assessment Filing  
Includes office generated cover page $45.00*
*Additional $5.00 per page of document  
Bail Bond Lien No Fee
Bonds or Undertakings No Fee
Building and Loan Agreement $25.00
Satisfy-Release-Discharge No Fee
Census Records  
Search & certificate each 2 years $5.00
Certification of Notary (Apostile) $3.00
Certification of Registrar (Apostile) $5.00
Commissioner of Deeds  
Put on record No Fee
Certify signature on document $3.00
Copies / Self service $.50 per page
Certification - minimum charge $5.00
Copies / Staff prepared $1.00 Per page
Certification - minimum charge $5.00
Document search fee $5.00
Corporate Filings  
Churches only $25.00
All others filed by NYS Dept.  No Fee
Estate Tax Release  
Includes office generated cover page $45.00*
*Additional $5.00 per page of document  
Exemplified Copies $15.00
Farm Name Filing No Fee
Federal Tax Lien (Release) $40.00
Forest Tax Law Filing No Fee
Guardianship Inventory and Account (Annual) No Fee
Income Execution Satisfaction No Fee
Judgements (Money)  
Transcript of Judgement (File) $10.00
Transcript of Judgement (Issue) $5.00
Satisfy-Release-Discharge No Fee
Certificate of Disposition (File) No Fee
Certificate of Disposition (Issue) $5.00
Consent to Change Attorney on Transcript $10.00
Discharge by deposit pursuant to Court Order No Fee
File Mylar (Original) $10.00 *Additional fees
*Subdivision 1-3 Lot fee per RPTSA $25.00
*Subdivision 4-9 Lot fee per RPTSA $50.00
*Subdivision 10 or more Lot fee per RPTSA $100.00
*Tax Search Certification per Finance $5.00
Full size copies printed $5.00
Renewal $60.00
Issue qualified in county certificate $5.00
Qualify in Schenectady from another county $10.00
Certify on presented document $3.00
Mechanics Lien $15.00
Affidavit of Service with lien copy $5.00
Satisfy-Release-Discharge No Fee
Discharge by bond No Fee
Notice of Lending $15.00
Satisfy-Release-Discharge No Fee
Pistol Permit Fees  
Amend $3.00
Duplicate $5.00
Fire Arms Dealer (2 yr. Renewal) $10.00
Fire Arms Dealer (New) $10.00
Gunsmith (2 yr. Renewal) $10.00
Gunsmith (New) $10.00
Original (New) $10.00
Power of Attorney and Revocations  
Includes office generated cover page $45.00*
*Additional $5.00 per page of document  
*Additional $0.50 per names cited over two  
Real Estate Recording Fees  
Includes office generated cover page $45.00*
*Additional $5.00 per page of document  
*Additional $0.50 per names cited over two  
*Additional $0.50 each reference cited  
Tax Exemption Affidavits $5.00
Capital Gains Form (TP584) $5.00
E & A Form (RP5217.pdf) - Residential $125.00
E & A Form (RP5217.pdf) - Commercial $250.00
Deed Conveyance Notification (Required) $10.00
Schenectady County Mortgage Tax Calculation - 1.25%  
(Consideration rounded to nearest $100)  
Transfer Tax (Deed Stamps) - $4 per thousand  
Supreme Court Filing Fees  
Certificate of Dissolution (NYS) $5.00
Demand for Jury $65.00
Index No. $210.00
Index No. (Foreclosure) $400.00
Judgement (Proposed) $45.00
Lis Pendens $35.00
Lis Pendens cancellation $35.00
Motion / Cross Motion $45.00
Note of Issue $30.00
Notice of Appeal $65.00
Notice of Appeal (Cross) $65.00
Request for Judicial Intervention (RJI) $95.00
Separation Agreement (Filed Index No.) $35.00
Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) $30.00
Stipulation of Settlement $35.00
Subpoena Duces Tecum (Out of state) $15.00
Subpoena Duces Tecum (Serving County Clerk) $15.00
Trial De Novo (Arbitration) $75.00
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)  
File $40.00
Search records $25.00