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Pistol Permits

All transactions related to Pistol Permits are done BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

To schedule an appointment please click here:


Please review the Pistol Permit Instructions listed below.  All necessary forms are linked below for your convenience.

To add/remove firearms, change your name, address, or occupation, please use the link above to schedule your appointment.

BE ADVISED:  If your address has changed to an address outside of Schenectady County- you will be scheduling a transfer appointment NOT an address change.

Please note: Pistol Permit Recertification is a NYS Police function.  Any and all questions regarding recertification can be directed here.

Forms and Applications

A firearms license, commonly referred to as a pistol permit, can only be issued in New York State by a designated licensing officer, which in Schenectady County is one of the duly elected County Judges.

Penal law 400.00 requires basic criteria to be established in order for a license to be issued. The applicant must demonstrate the following:

Good moral character; Lack of conviction of a felony or a serious offense; Absence of any mental illness or confinement to any hospital/institution for mental illness; and Lack of good cause for denial of license.


Reminder: Background checks are required for transactions between individuals. The background check must be done by a dealer and they can charge up to $10 for the background check. For more information please visit the New York Safe Act website.

BASIC Approved Training Programs

ONLY the courses below have been approved for applicants wishing to receive a restricted pistol permit.  Restrictions can include: on premises, hunting, target shooting, hiking and camping.

ADVANCED Firearms Safety Training Course Providers

ONLY the courses below have been approved for applicants wishing to receive an un-restricted pistol permit in Schenectady County:

Standards for ADVANCED Firearm Safety Course

As prescribed by law and approved by the issuing officer of Schenectady County all ADVANCED Firearm Safety Courses for Unrestricted Concealed Carry MUST include:


Transferring In or Out of Schenectady County

To Transfer Out of Schenectady County

Please schedule your appointment here.  The fee is $10.00, and we will pack up your file and mail to your new county.


To Transfer In to Schenectady County

After transferring out of your previous county, we will receive your file in the mail and reach out via phone or mail to schedule an appointment to transfer you in.

Schenectady County Sheriff Fingerprinting Information

The applicant must be fingerprinted at the Schenectady County Sheriff’s Office.

All references must be received before you can be fingerprinted.

YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED BY MAIL when all four references have been received.

Fingerprinting is done on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12:00pm-2:00pm and Thursdays from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED. Bring your applications, letters to the judge, safety course certificate and any certifications of disposition.


The fee for this service is $116.50 and may only be paid with a MONEY ORDER payable to Schenectady County.  The Sheriff is not authorized to accept checks, credit cards, or cash.  NO CHILDREN are allowed to accompany you while you are fingerprinted.



Information on the updated law