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Top Soil, Compost, and Mulch Products

Several piles of compost, top soil, and red mulchTop soil, compost, and mulch are staple products for any gardener looking to improve their soil quality.  Most commercial products contain soil mixed with other minerals, fertilizers, and additives, while native soil and compost contain natural matter that keeps your soil healthy and productive.

Utilizing natural, locally produced landscaping products helps protect soil quality in your community, while also recycling yard waste sustainably.

Get Locally Made Gardening Products & Save

Compost, Top Soil, and Mulch On Sale Now at the Schenectady County Compost & Resident Recycling Facility.
A Facility Permit is NOT Required to purchase products.

Available Products

Screened Yard Trimmings Compost

Bulk Compost
$25.00/cubic yard

Bagged Compost
$3.00/bag or 3 bags for $8.00
Each bag is 1.2 cu. ft.

Fill Your Own Bucket
$1.00/ 5 gallon bucket
limit 5 per day

Blended Topsoil

Bulk Topsoil
$30.00/cubic yard

Bagged Topsoil
Each bag is 1.0 cu. ft.



Natural Woodchip Mulch

Bulk Natural Mulch
$15.00/cubic yard

Bagged Natural Mulch
$3.00/bag or 3 bags for $8.00
Each bag is 2.0 cu. ft.


Colored Woodchip Mulch

Bulk Colored Mulch
$35.00/cubic yard

Bagged Colored Mulch
Each bag is 2.0 cu. ft.

Available in Red, Black, Dark Brown

We Accept Cash, Check, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards

All products made at the facility
All prices include tax where applicable
Most bagged products available all year long