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Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM)

Agriculture and environmental management go hand-in-hand. Schenectady County farmers depend on clean, healthy, and nutrient-rich soil and water to ensure a plentiful and profitable harvest. The Schenectady County Soil & Water Conservation District works with farmers to minimize negative impacts on the environment while optimizing productivity and sustainability.

Meet Your Business Goals While Protecting and Conserving Schenectady County's Natural Resources

What is Agricultural Environmental Management? 

Agricultural Environmental Management is a voluntary program available to Schenectady County farmers through the Soil and Water Conservation District. The program supports common-sense, cost-effective, and science-based decisions that balance the needs of agricultural production with the protection and stewardship of natural resources and ecosystems. 

AEM  provides a framework for success and access to grand funding. The Schenectady County Soil and Water Conservation District leads the local effort.

Did you know, over one-third of all farms in New York State participate in the program? 

Agricultural Environmental Management is crucial for sustainable agriculture, ensuring the long-term health of your farmland and the surrounding ecosystems. Using AEM's tiered approach you can address environmental challenges such as soil degradation, water pollution, and loss of biodiversity.

Getting Started

Schenectady County farmers can connect with the Schenectady County Soil and Water Conservation District and progress through the Agricultural Environmental Management Tiers. Schenectady County farmers, and producers, orchards, riding stables, and horse and dairy pastureland are encouraged to join AEM. The process is voluntary and confidential.

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  • Tier 1 – Inventory current activities, interests, and potential environmental concerns of the farmer. 
  • Tier 2 – Document current environmental stewardship and assess and prioritize areas of concern. 
  • Tier 3 – Develop conservation plans addressing concerns and opportunities tailored to farm goals. 
  • Tier 4 – Implement plans using available educational, technical, and financial assistance. 
  • Tier 5 – Evaluate practices and plans for conservation and farm viability. 

Grant Funding & Technical Assistance is Available

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New York State
Agricultural Environmental Management

A partnership between the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets, New York State Soil & Water Conservation Committee, and the Schenectady County Soil & Water Conservation District.

For more information, tools, and resources visit the New York State website or call the Schenectady County Soil & Water Conservation District. 518-399-6980