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Schenectady County Solar

Schenectady County's commitment to renewable energy shines brightly with its extensive investment in solar fields across the entire county. Thanks to a visionary partnership with Monolith Solar, the County took a significant stride towards sustainability by constructing 6 solar fields in Glenville, Niskayuna, and Rotterdam. The county also harnesses solar power from panels installed on several county library branches, the DEPW building, and the Schenectady County Recreational Facility Ice Rink. 

The Schenectady County Solar Consortium

With every ray of sunlight that covers our solar fields, the county is generating clean electricity, powering its facilities and libraries with renewable energy. Even the villages and towns, as well as the city benefit. Working with DSD Renewables (formerly GE Solar) the County built 7 additional solar fields and created the Schenectady County Solar Consortium.With the consortium, your local municipality saves on energy costs and powers a portion of their facilitaties with a cleaner and greener energy source. 

Impact of the Schenectady County Solar Consortium

Invested in 7 Solar Fields

Generated over
35,608,540 kwh
of electricity since 2022

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Averted to 
54,841,699 lbs.
of CO2 

Reduced Gas Dependence

Equivalent to consumning 2.4 million gallons of gas

Saved Money

Saves county taxpayers
over $1.8 million each year

Schenectady County Solar Cosortium Partners

The Consortium is an intergovernmental partnership and a cost-effective way for municipalities to work together and harness the power of the sun.

Town of Duanesburg
Saved $60,345 since 2022

Town of Glenville
Saved $93,841 since 2022

Town of Niskayuna
Saved $201,284 since 2022

Town of Rotterdam
Saved $386,101 since 2022

City of Schenectady
Saved $968,533 since 2022

Village of Scotia
Saved $96,885 since 2022

Schenectady County
Saved $62,663 since 2022