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Climate Smart Certified

outline of New York State with the text Climate Smart Communities Certified Silver and Schenectady County Seal

Schenectady County earned the highest ranking in the New York State Climate Smart Community Program.  Schenenectady County is one of four counties to earn silver status.

“By implementing forward-thinking initiatives like the Schenectady County Solar Consortium and our LED lighting program, we've shown that investing in our environment is not only crucial for preserving the natural resources we treasure but also a smart investment for Schenectady County taxpayers.”

Gary Hughes, Chair of the Schenectady County Legislature

Being Climate Smart Saves Money!

Schenectady County has made significant strides toward a more sustainable future. We are not only contributing to a cleaner environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We are reducing energy costs and saving money. The Schenectady County Solar Consortium offesets the electricity usage of all nine municipalities within the County while saving taxpayers, local businesses, and residents over $20 million. 

By being Silver Certified, Schenectady County is recognized for these efforts and provided access to technical assistance and additional funding opportunities for future climate projects and investments in green technology. 

Impactful Cost Savings Projects with Little to No Cost for Taxpayers


Transformed unusable land into green, renewable energy-producing sites. Over the next 25 years, these sites will reduce carbon emissions by over 800,000 tons. It is the equivalent of taking 125,000 cars off the road for an entire year.

Upgraded the lighting systems in more than half of the County buildings and converted 348 County-owned streetlights to energy-efficient LEDs.

To support electric vehicle (EV) adoption, we expanded EV infrastructure in Schenectady County by installing approximately 50 EV charging Stations at 11 County properties. 

As vehicles need to be replaced, Schenectady County began adding fully electric and hybrid models to our fleet. These vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money on gas. 

Metroplex spearheaded the remediation of brownfield sites at the former Alco Locomotive Factory. The clean-up efforts led to the development of the Mohawk Harbor neighborhood, which includes Rivers Casino, the ALCO Heritage Bike Trail, and more. 

Calming traffic and planting new trees reduces carbon emissions, improves safety, and beautifies neighborhoods. Schenectady County planted 40 trees along Dean Street in Niskayuna.

Schenectady County Recycles offers classes throughout the year and has also opened several community compost sites to promote waste reduction and sustainability.

Schenectady County employees are incentivized to use public transportation through free CDTA cards and CDPHP bike-sharing benefits, promoting eco-friendly commuting habits and reducing carbon emissions.