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Healthy Schenectady Families

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Raising a happy, healthy child is no easy task. Just ask any parent!

The Healthy Schenectady Families Program offers home visits for pregnant women and families with newborn infants in Schenectady County for FREE. The benefits of Healthy Families™ programs nationwide are proven, significant, and impact a wide range of child and family outcomes.

Schenectady County has provided educational home visits to families with young children since 1998. This nationally accredited program, delivered in partnership with New York State and Cornell Cooperative Extension, expands the County's commitment to supporting strong and healthy families.


What is Healthy Schenectady Families? 

Healthy Schenectady Families promotes a healthy, safe, and support community comprised of strong families and individuals working together to provide a foundation for healthy development that will last a lifetime.  Highly trained Family Support Specialists provide information and activities to enhance parent-child interactions, family self-sufficiency, and promote the positive health, growth, and development of the entire family

Healthy Schenectady Families is the local program affiliate of Healthy Families New York and is nationally accredited by Healthy Families America. 

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Healthy Schenectady Families believes that:

All parents want to raise a happy, healthy child.

It takes a village to raise a child—community and family support is key.

A resilient, secure child will succeed in school, be able to resist high-risk behaviors and will contribute to a healthy society.   

Healthy brain and emotional development lead to a resilient secure child.

The skills it takes to raise healthy, successful children can be learned.

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Health Schenectady Families is a FREE, Voluntary Program.

To refer yourself or someone you know, call 518-386-2824 ext. 3

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We are an equal opportunity provider. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability or genetic information.