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Early Intervention Program

Schenectady County Early Intervention is a family-centered program designed to support parents and caregivers in nurturing and enhancing their child's development.


Children birth to age three and their parents/caregivers may be eligible to receive support services from the Early Intervention Program if they have:


A diagnosed physical or mental condition that often leads to developmental problems.





A developmental delay in at least one area of development that meets the criteria in the State Department of Health regulations.

What is a Developmental Delay?

When a child has not attained developmental milestones expected for their chronological age, adjusted for prematurity. A developmental delay may be identifiable in one or more of the following areas: cognitivephysical (including vision and hearing), communicationsocial or emotional development, or adaptive development.

Talk with your child's healthcare provider if you have concerns regarding their development. The Schenectady County Public Health Services Family Health Division is also available to help you connect with resources to support your child. 

NYS Eligibility Criteria
What is NYS Early Intervention Program?
Parents/Caregivers Q&A

Understanding the Process

Schenectady County Public Health Services Family Health Division can help guide you through the early intervention steps. 

The Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a voluntary referral-based program provided at no cost to families. Anyone can make a referral to the EIP with permission from the child's parent/caregiver. Referrals must be submitted to Schenectady County Public Health Services. The New York State Basic Parents Guide to the Early Intervention Program has valuable information and sample referral letters. 

A Service Coordinator is assigned to each child to provide case management and help the parents navigate the process. Children receive evaluations from state approved evaluation teams that include at least two professionals- one who evaluates overall development and one specializing in the child's area of concern. 

If a child is determined eligible, an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) is developed based on goals developed by the family. Service providers offer strategies to help the family maximize their child’s development. Services include, but are not limited to: speech therapy, special instruction, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Services are provided at in the child’s natural environment.

Early Intervention Referral

To refer your child, call 518-386-2815 ext. 1230

Free Resources for Parents/Caregivers

Free Parents Guide
CDC Milestone Tracker
Information About Child Development
Brightside Up
Parent to Parent of NYS
Down Syndrome AIM High Resource Center

Child Find

Child Find

Child Find is a partnership between parents/caregivers, Schenectady County Family Health and healthcare providers to help ensure a child's development stays on track. Child Find helps to identify children birth to age three who are at risk for developmental delays or disabilities in order to provide services as soon as possible through the Early Intervention Program.

Families are contacted at least every six months and are provided with information on typical development and activities they can do at home to promote their child's development.  Assistance is provided, as needed, for referrals to the Early Intervention Program.

To refer your child, call 518-386-2815 ext. 1230

Local Early Intervention Council (LEICC)

Local Early Intervention Council (LEICC)

The Local Early Intervention Council (LEICC) is a group of parents, professionals, and community members.  The purpose of the LEICC is to provide a forum to discuss issues related to the needs of young children in Schenectady County with developmental delays and their families, as well as share education, ideas, concerns, and experiences. 

The Local Early Intervention Council meetings are held 3-4 times per year to discuss the Early Intervention Program.  Families and providers are encouraged to attend and participate in these meetings.  Input from parents/caregivers is most essential to this program. 

To learn more about the LEICC or to join the group, contact the Family Health Division here.