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Victim Statement of Family and Friends of El-Nahcere Vincent

District Attorney

July 2, 2022

Mr. Anibal Madera c/o

Schenectady County District Attorney

Robert M. Carney

612 State Street – 3rd Floor

Schenectady, NY 12305


RE: Guilty Plea by Anibal Madera



On September 25th 2020 you made a series of bad decisions. Decisions that ended a human life.  The life of El-Nahcere Vincent. A 22 year old whose life was just beginning as an young adult. El-Nahcere just registered for college and was recruited for the basketball team. El-Nahcere was expecting his first child. He will not be able to live out his dreams or hold his children. He will never be able to do the things he loved most in life. He won’t be in any more family photos or attend family dinners, gatherings or reunions.


On that day you had ample opportunities to make better decisions:

When you woke up and decided to get the gun.

When you picked it up.

When you checked the chamber.

When you loaded it.

When you concealed it.

When you opened the door.

When you went out the door.

When you went down the stairs.

When you opened the car door.

When you got in the car.

When you drove away.

When you picked up your passengers.

When you grab it.

Most importantly, when you aimed it at El-Nahcere and intentionally shot him multiple times. You continuously made bad decisions.

You are well aware of your actions and the outcome. What you took away from our family is irreplaceable. It is so hard to understand how your child has an obituary, funeral, now a Casket. How he lays in a grave and we can’t comfort him. Hug him or hold. I want you to know that you didn’t break us, you may have cracked our surface, but together we will heal. El-Nahcere may not have meant anything to you, but he meant the world to us. We will always miss him, his big smile and silly jokes. We will carry on. El-Nahcere’s memories will live on.

You have not yet shown any shame nor remorse in what you have done. We don’t expect you to now. Our pain is not your story, but your actions are. For all us that knew and loved El-Nahcere, may he now Rest in Peace.

From the Family and Friends of El-Nahcere Vincent