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Tree Replacement Project to Begin at Hon. Karen B. Johnson Library

Schenectady County Seal

Schenectady County has partnered with ReTree Schenectady, LAndArt Studio and Native Landscaping and Tree Service to replace and restore trees on the Liberty Street side of the Hon. Karen B. Johnson (Central) Library. The project is set to begin as early as this weekend.

First planted in 1969, several of the 17 honey locust trees located along Liberty Street are declining due to their size, which has caused them to crowd each other and compete for water, sunlight and nutrients. Eight of the trees will be removed during the project and 5 new trees will be planted, creating a healthier environment for all the trees.

“Urban settings can be difficult areas for trees to grow and prosper,” said Schenectady County Legislator Peggy King, Chair of the Education and Libraries Committee. “Proactively replacing these trees gives those that remain a better chance to thrive while the new, younger trees mature.”

“While we don’t like to remove mature trees, we appreciate that the planting space is particularly challenging,” said Betsy Henry of ReTree Schenectady. “Selective removal and replanting will allow existing trees to thrive and provide time for young trees to get established.”

“The honeylocusts are an important part of the streetwall in this location, making the Library and the downtown more walkable and inviting,” said Mary Moore Wallinger of LAandArt Studio.

The Schenectady County Industrial Development Agency (IDA), which is administered by Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority, is funding the tree replacement project at a cost of $5,000.