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Schenectady County Passes Legislation Resolving Rotterdam Sewer Tax Error

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Authorizes Correction of Sewer Tax Bills and Refund of Thousands of Dollars to Taxpayers

The Schenectady County Legislature unanimously approved the ‘Correction of Multiple Parcel Errors’ application submitted by the Town of Rotterdam in January. The approval allows the Town to correct the massive tax increases suffered by many residents in Rotterdam Sewer District 2.

Based on the evidence the Town provided to the County, it appears that 2 errors were made that lead to certain taxpayers in Sewer District 2 receiving sewer tax tils that were up to 800% more than their 2021 bill. First, the Town changed the method of allocating certain expenses. Second, the Town allocated all of the expenses to only a handful of properties instead of all the properties subject to the expense.

“Helping to resolve issues like this is the reason I have dedicated so much of my life to serving our community,” said Anthony Jasenski, Chair of the Schenectady County Legislature. “I want Rotterdam residents to know that finding a solution to this problem was my first priority. I would like to thank my colleagues, especially those from District 4, for supporting this legislation that allows the Town to correct their error and provides relief to affected residents during a time when families are still dealing with the challenges created by the pandemic.”

Affected taxpayers who already paid their bill will be eligible for a refund of the difference between what they paid and what was actually owed, from the Town. The affected tax bills that have not yet been paid are frozen until a new, corrected bill is issued by the Town, with no interest or penalties charged as long as the updated bill is paid by the new due date.

Taxpayers who were erroneously not charged a sewer tax this year will pay the charges not assessed in 2022 in their 2023 bill. The amount is expected to be about $36.