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Schenectady County Legislature to Consider Resolution to Provide $440,000 to Local Fire Departments

Schenectady County Volunteer Fire Departments

22 Volunteer and Combined Fire Departments Would Receive $20,000 Each

The Schenectady County Legislature will consider a resolution to provide 22 volunteer and combined fire departments with a total of $440,000 in grant funding at their regular meeting on May 9, 2023. The resolution unanimously passed through the Public Safety & Firefighting Committee earlier this evening.

The resolution would amend the 2023 county budget to increase the amount of funding appropriated to assisting volunteer fire departments from $50,000 to $440,000. If passed at the regular meeting, the county would provide each department with $20,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to purchase supplies and equipment.

“Local volunteer fire departments provide essential services that help keep our community safe,” said Anthony Jasenski, Chair of the Schenectady County Legislature. “This investment in our departments will help them respond quickly and effectively to emergencies and is a way to show our gratitude for the sacrifices they make every day to protect us.”

The Legislature has awarded over $200,000 in additional funding to local departments through the county’s Fire Service Improvement Grant Fund since 2019. The grant was created to enhance their capabilities in response to the impact and magnitude unusual storms, natural disasters and every day responses have on their resources.

“Volunteer fire departments go above and beyond every day to serve our communities during times of need,” said Tom Constantine, Chair of the Public Safety & Firefighting Committee. “These grants continue our commitment to equip our volunteer responders with the tools they need to handle any situation that comes their way and return home safely to their families.”


  • Delanson Volunteer Fire Department
  • Duanesburg Fire Department
  • Mariaville Volunteer Fire Department
  • Quaker Street Volunteer Fire Department
  • Plotterkill Fire Company
  • Alplaus Fire Department
  • East Glenville Fire Department
  • Scotia Fire Department
  • Beukendaal Fire Department
  • West Glenville Fire Company
  • Thomas Corners Fire Department
  • Glenville Hills Fire Department
  • Niskayuna Fire District #1
  • Niskayuna Fire District #2
  • Stanford Heights Fire Department
  • Rotterdam Junction Volunteer Fire Department
  • Rotterdam Fire District #2
  • Carman Fire Department
  • Pattersonville Volunteer Fire Department
  • Pine Grove Volunteer Fire Department
  • South Schenectady Fire Department
  • Schonowe Volunteer Fire Rescue Company


Property Tax Exemption for Volunteer Firefighters and Ambulance Workers

Earlier this year the Legislature expanded the county’s property tax exemption to the maximum allowed for members of volunteer fire departments and volunteer ambulance services with a minimum of two years of service.

Eligible volunteers can now receive an exemption on their Schenectady County property taxes for 10% of the total assessed value of their primary residence. Applications for the exemption can be filed with the local assessor and must be received by March 1, 2024 to be eligible for the expanded property tax exemption starting in January 2025. Applications and additional information about the exemption is available at


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