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Schenectady County Expands Schenectady County Delivers Vaccine Program

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The Schenectady County Delivers vaccine program, which has already vaccinated 100 homebound residents, is expanding. Originally organized through our Senior and Long Term Care office, the program will now be expanded to include between 20-30 Schenectady County Public Health Services (SCPHS) staff, who will perform tasks including scheduling, vaccine administration and follow-up, now that priorities have shifted from mass vaccination PODs to more community-based sites.

The County is focused on increasing accessibility to COVID-19 vaccines for all residents, as a lack of accessibility can often be a barrier to vaccination. While we are prioritizing people for the Schenectady County Delivers vaccine program who are homebound for medical reasons, we will also consider people for whom childcare or other concerns have created a significant barrier to getting vaccinated, as staffing and logistical capacity allow. Multiple eligible members of the same household can receive the vaccine through these efforts.

“Schenectady County is working hard to address barriers to vaccination, and accessibility is one of them,” said Schenectady County Legislator Sara Mae Pratt, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Health & Human Services. “We’ve expanded our Schenectady County Delivers vaccine program to reach people who are unable to leave their homes, and those who haven’t been able to access our existing vaccine locations due to lack of childcare or other accessibility challenges. We do ask that anyone who is able to access our community PODs to do so, as resources for this important program are limited.”

Request an Appointment

Schenectady County residents who are interested in receiving a vaccine through the Schenectady County Delivers vaccine program should call (518)386-2824, Monday – Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Residents can also leave a message with their name and contact information and someone will call them back. Staff will work with residents to address their accessibility challenges.

Schenectady County residents looking for a vaccine appointment who do not need assistance through the Schenectady County Delivers vaccine program can view available appointments at or call (518) 299-0518 (M-F 10am to 3pm) for assistance.