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Schenectady County Board of Elections Warns Voters About Reports of Individuals Impersonating Elections Officials

Schenectady County Seal

The New York State Board of Elections has recently made us aware that individuals, across multiple counties throughout our state, have been going door-to-door impersonating County Board of Elections staff. These individuals confront voters regarding their registration status and accuse them of committing a crime because of how they appear in the state voter database.

“While we are not aware of any incidents happening within Schenectady County, we wanted to warn our voters about this issue,” said Schenectady County Elections Commissioners Laura Fronk and Darlene Harris. “If someone claiming to be from the Board of Elections shows up at your doorstep we ask that you gather as much identifying information about them as you can and report the incident to your local law enforcement agency and our office as soon as possible.”

The Schenectady County Board of Elections does not go door to door. All contact between Board of Elections (BOE) staff and voters is done either in-person at the Board of Elections, by telephone, by email, or by U.S. Postal Service. Staff do not visit homes or voters in person unless they have called to make arrangements beforehand.

If you have any questions, contact the Schenectady County Board of Elections at (518) 377-2469.