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NYS DOT Agrees to Schenectady County Request for No Loitering/Panhandling Signs at I-890 Exit Ramp 4C near SUNY Schenectady

Sign saying No Loitering Soliciting Panhandling

Schenectady County leaders today thanked the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) for agreeing to install no loitering and panhandling signs at the Exit 4C ramp in downtown Schenectady.

Schenectady County Legislature Chair Gary Hughes wrote to NYSDOT officials asking for the signs to curb panhandling that now occurs in this high traffic area, aiming to enhance safety.

“We respect the right to free speech but walking up and down an active highway ramp that leads to and from I-890 is dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers,” said Chair Hughes. “We thank NYSDOT for responding to our request to improve public safety by installing warning signs.”

The busy exit ramp leads to State Street, downtown Schenectady, the Western Gateway Bridge and the Village of Scotia.  SUNY Schenectady is located at the base of the ramp.

SUNY Schenectady President Steady Moono said, “We thank our County sponsors for addressing this safety concern where panhandlers approach cars on the ramp leading to our community.  Once new signs forbidding trespassing are installed, we will ask College security staff as well as Sheriff’s deputies assigned to the College to help patrol and enforce the law in this area.”

Schenectady County Legislature Vice Chair Cathy Gatta said, “I hear from my constituents in Scotia and Glenville that they want this panhandling at Exit 4 C to stop so I am pleased to see this joint effort to boost safety and security move forward.”