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Guilty Verdict in Aggravated Criminal Contempt Felony Trial

District Attorney

On September 28, 2023, Joel Fowler (DOB: 10/5/1989) was convicted of one count of Aggravated Criminal Contempt, a Class D Felony, one count of Criminal Contempt in the Second Degree, a Class A Misdemeanor, two counts of Criminal Mischief in the Fourth Degree, Class A Misdemeanors, and three counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Class A Misdemeanors, by the jury in Schenectady County Court in front of Glens Falls City Court Judge Gary C. Hobbs, who presided over the case in his capacity as Acting County Court Judge. Fowler was acquitted of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree, Criminal Contempt in the First Degree, and Menacing in the Second Degree.

Fowler’s convictions arise out of a domestic dispute occurring on July 24, 2022, in the City of Schenectady. During an argument with the mother of his children, Fowler became physically violent. During his attack, the victim covertly dialed 911 on her cell phone and set it down on a counter. Schenectady County 911 Operators were able to hear the altercation. Fowler eventually noticed the phone was on the line with 911 and grabbed it and smashed it on the ground, destroying it. During Fowler’s attack, he threw a large wooden child’s toy at the victim, injuring her. Three children, ages three (3) and younger, were present in the home during Fowler’s attack. At the time Fowler attacked the victim, Fowler was required to stay away from and have no contact with the victim pursuant to an Order of Protection previously issued by Albany City Court.  The counts for which Fowler was acquitted related to allegations Fowler had also pointed a loaded firearm in the face of the victim and threatened her with it.

After the verdict, Judge Hobbs remanded Fowler pending sentencing proceedings. Sentencing is scheduled to occur on December 6, 2023 at 9:30 a.m. in Schenectady County Court.  Fowler faces a maximum sentence of two-and-one third (2 1/3) years to seven (7) years indeterminate for the Aggravated Criminal Contempt conviction. Fowler faces maximum sentences of 364 days local incarceration for each misdemeanor conviction. Should Fowler receive a sentence of imprisonment on the felony, any sentence on the misdemeanors would merge as a matter of law.  The case was investigated by the Schenectady Police Department, New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center, and Schenectady County District Attorney’s Office Investigators.  The People are represented by Assistant District Attorney Michael Nobles. Fowler represented himself at trial, with Assistant Public Defender Lauren Mack appointed by the Court to act as a legal advisor to Ms. Fowler throughout the trial.