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Guilty Plea by Anibal Madera

Schenectady County DA News

Schenectady County District Attorney Robert M. Carney announced that on May 5, 2022, Anibal Madera (DOB:  4/13/93) pled guilty in Schenectady County Court to one charge of Murder, a Class A-I felony and a violation of Section 125.25(1) of the Penal Law of the State of New York, admitting that he intentionally caused the death of Elnahcere Vincent on September 25, 2020, in front of the Star Liquor Store at 1142 State Street in the City of Schenectady.  Under the terms of the plea agreement he will receive a sentence of 18 to Life in prison.  Sentencing is scheduled for July 15, 2020, at 11:00 a.m.  The guilty plea was entered in front of Acting County Court Judge Mark J. Caruso.  The People were represented by District Attorney Carney and Assistant District Attorney Eric Weinhold.  The defendant was represented by Assistant Conflict Defender Brian Mercy.

Mr. Madera was outside of Star Liquor at approximately 8:00 p.m. on September 25, 2020, when he was approached by Mr. Vincent and another individual.  They had a brief conversation about some derogatory gang symbolism that Mr. Madera had posted on a Facebook page.  All were residents of Albany.  At that time, Mr. Madera pulled out a 9 mm. pistol and shot three times at Mr. Vincent, striking him twice with fatal shots that punctured his lungs and two of his arteries.  Mr. Vincent had his hands in his pockets throughout this encounter and was unarmed.  Mr. Madera then fled on foot, wending his way through Schenectady streets until reaching a friend’s house in Colonie.  He was apprehended five days later at a girlfriend’s house in Troy, where he was found in possession of a pistol, later matched ballistically to the three shell casings and a projectile recovered by Schenectady Police at the crime scene.

Schenectady County District Attorney Robert M. Carney stated:  “This case once again proves the value of the network of cameras which my office took the lead in developing beginning in 2002.  The cameras recorded the actual shooting and tracked him throughout his path of flight, at one point revealing him moving his gun from his hoodie to his pants and at another showing him discarding his distinctive light gray sweatshirt with pink writing.  Upon seeing that latter recording, police were able to retrieve the sweatshirt which was later confirmed to be Madera’s though DNA analysis.  Faced with this mountain of evidence compiled primarily by DA Investigator Rick Voris and lead Schenectady Police Investigator Brett Ferris and a realistic appraisal that under these circumstances any claim that he was legally justified to shoot Mr. Vincent would fail, he was wise in admitting his guilt to this crime.  I would also like to thank the members of Mr. Vincent’s family, his father, aunt and sister who were in attendance at the plea and have supported our efforts to prosecute this case from the beginning.  Lastly, I would like to thank Rensselaer County District Attorney Mary Pat Donnelly, whose office assisted my office in obtaining this guilty plea through their willingness to commence a prosecution against Mr. Madera for his possession of the murder weapon in Troy as well as agreeing that if he pled guilty in our county they would not look to increase his prison sentence.”

For further information contact District Attorney Robert M. Carney at 518-708-3041.