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Project Life Saver

Project Lifesaver is a rapid response program that aids in locating “at risk” individuals with cognitive disorders who are at constant risk to the life threatening behavior of wandering including those with of Alzheimer’s, Autism, Down Syndrome or Dementia, and returning them to their families or caregivers. Project Lifesaver is provided to Schenectady County residents as a result of a partnership established between the Sheriff’s Office, Schenectady County Office for Long Term Care and the Autism Action Network of Schenectady County. 

This program if offered to residents throughout Schenectady County.   If a person enrolled in this program is lost, we have instructed the client’s caregivers to contact 911 as they normally would do and to also contact the Sheriff’s Office at (518) 393-8300.  This way, Sheriff’s Deputies with the specialized equipment and training can be dispatched to assist in locating the individual.

The program is designed to limit the amount of time and resources spend searching for a lost person, lessening the change of danger or injury. Contact the Project Livesaver program for information on how to register for this program. 

Download the Program Brochure