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Victims of Homicide

On this page, we pay tribute to victims of homicide, people in our community whose lives were cut short through the criminal act of another human being.  We are dedicated to the pursuit of justice for these victims.  We may not have known them in life, but we know that their loss leaves a huge void in the lives of their families, friends, and loved ones.  In prosecuting offenders, we are obligated to avoid appeals to sympathy or hostility, and to rely upon facts, evidence, and reason; yet we are always mindful of the true cost of homicide measured in human suffering and pain.

We Remember the Victims of Homicide

Adrien King, Alejandro Melendez, Alejandro Rodriguez, Alesia Wadsworth, Alexandra Bustamante-Gomez, Alphonzo Pittman, Amanda Slaven, Angel Carion, Anne Burchhardt, Anthony Brown, Anthony Marko, Asaih Maxam, Avion Bell, Ayanna Hunter, Barbara Hopper, Berenice Suerez, Betty Brockhum, Bret Wentworth, Brian Hill, Brianna Star Sikes, Bruce Smith, Carlos Figuera, Carolyn Lord, Cassandra Boone, Charles Bowman, Charles Dembrosky, Charlie Garay, Christopher Clayton, Daniel Jamison, Danny Russell, Darlene Walter, David Cirillo, David Gallop Jr., David Terry, Denise Guthinger, Denise Hart, Dennis Farrell, Donovan Duell, Dramone Houston, Duane Toddman, Eddie Stanley, Elijah Trainer,Elizabeth Gonzalez, Elliot Felder, Elnahcere Vincent, Faye Cohn, Foday Kpoto, Ganesh Ramgoolam, George Lloyd, Gloria Sonachansingh, Harry Simpson, Harvey Pantoja, Hassan Noorzai, Hassan Rainey, Hillary Downey, Ieasha Merritt, Inshan Ali, Jack Stebbins, Jackie Polomaine, Jacon Patino, James Flomer, James Jackson, James Parola, Jason Bataglia, Jason Eliseo, Jason French, Jason Matthews, Jennifer Ostrander, Jeremy Bailey, Jeremy Walter, Jermaine Allen, Jerome Cannon, Jerry Faine, Jessica McCormack, Jevon Jervis, John McKeighan, Jonathan Olds, Jose Sanchez, Jose Torres, Joseph Garner, Jumez Lee, Justin Lowery, Kevin Hawkins, Kumar Farrell, Kussan Tolliver, LaSean Gause, Latoya Ebron, Laurel Teer, Layah Terry, Leonder Goodwin, Lillian Kinnard, Liza Warner, Lois DeMaria, Marian Singh-Loftis, Mark Gully, Markia Booth, Marlene Hill, Marquel Fallen, Marquise Solomon, Mary Greco, Mary Jeoney, Matilda Montenaro, Matteo Henderson, Medina Knowles, Melissa Cash, Melissa Fennicks, Michael DeVeaux Jr., Michael Terry, Nas-jarah Pulliam, Paul Coppola, Paulette Dempster, Paulina Merrills, Philomena Henry, Ptl. William Koenige, Quan Scott, Raif LaPoint, Rashad Robinson,Rasheem Cotman, Rayen Puleski, Raymond Jeffs, Reilly Gilbert, Robert Thomas, Robert Tortoricci, Robert Wyche, Romello Taylor, Ronald Conklin, Ronald DeLorenzo, Ronnie Crenshaw, Roscoe Foster, Sha'hiim Nelligan, Shanivia Morgan, Sheryl Toyloy, Summer Penny, Susanne Nauman, Sutlesh Girdharry, Tammy McCormack, Tammy Washington, Terrill Reese Jr., Theresa Bernard, Thomas Oeser, Tishawn Taylor, Tyquan Foreman, Ulysses Canty, Unishun Mollette, Valerie Washington, Vanessa Cohn, Vicki Hopper, Virgil Terry, Vito Masi, Wayne Best Jr., William Horwedel, William King, William Riddick, Zaniyah Elise Streeter

Upcoming Events

Candlelight Vigil for Victims of Homicide

Candlelight Vigil for Victims of Homicide

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 at 6:00pm
YWCA of Northeastern NY
44 Washington Ave, Schenectady, NY 12305

Rose Garden Ceremony Remembrance

Rose Garden Ceremony Remembrance

Friday, June 2, 2023 at 12:00pm
Homicide Victims' Memorial Rose Garden
Central Park, Schenectady, NY

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Schenectady County Crime Victims Memorial Site 

Visit the Schenectady County Crime Victims Memorial at the Central Park Rosen Garden in Schenectady. 

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