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Community Services

The Office of Community Services plans, oversees and coordinates services for individuals and families with mental illness, substance abuse disorders and developmental disabilities who reside in Schenectady County.  It is our mission to ensure that persons with mental illness, substance and alcohol problems and developmental disabilities are provided a full range of services that promote stabilization, rehabilitation and recovery for the purpose of enhancing or improving their lives.

Substance Abuse Forms and Flyers

Project SafePoint Heroin and Opiate Addiction Services - Tear Off Flyer - Waiting Room Flyer

Schenectady Substance Abuse Coalition/Narcan Training - Coalition Flyer - Overview - Treatment Resources - Getting Help Flyer


Mental Health Forms and Flyers

Adult Single Point of Access Application (SPOA) - SPOA applications must be completed by providers for individuals needing community based mental health support services (i.e., case management and housing). The applications must be completed on-line and submitted to the SPOA Coordinator in the Office of Community Services. The SPOA Coordinator will review the application and determine if the application is completed. The applications are then forwarded to the appropriate community provider. The SPOA Committee meets bi-monthly for final determinations.

Child & Adolescent Single Point of Access Application - The SPOA Coordinator for Children will review the application and request additional documentation if needed. A meeting with the family is then scheduled with the SPOA Committee in order to discuss their concerns, answer questions and provide information about the services available to their child.  After the committee reviews the case a determination is made regarding service eligibility. The Coordinator will notify the family and then inform them of the outcome of the meeting.

Case Management Services - For adults with a serious mental illness and in need of care management an application to the Health Home(s) that covers Schenectady County, Care Central - must be submitted. There are two separate applications, one for persons who reside in the community, and another for those being referred from prison.
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Care Central Application

Care Central Forensic Application

Assisted Outpatient Treatment Application - Assisted Outpatient Treatment, otherwise known as Kendra's Law, is meant for those individuals with a serious mental illness who are unable to safely live in the community. The AOT application must be submitted to the AOT Coordinator in the Office of Community Services. The AOT process involves a clinical review with a Psychiatrist, treating clinician, and a representative from the Mental Health Legal Service. If an individual is determined to be appropriate for AOT a petition is submitted to the court. The court has the responsibility of ordering the individual to comply with treatment that is identified in a treatment plan.